Super Easy Porcelain-esque Ornaments!

Obsessed with the look of porcelain ornaments but not so much the price, we set out to make our own. With a few simple items we already had in the kitchen and the craft room we made these awesome dual purpose ornament/gift tags that are just as adorable as they are customizable. Wanna see how we made our gifts look like a million without spending a dime? Then READ ON thrifty creative ones! First and foremost, these are NOT salt dough ornaments. Close….butRead more

Wrap Your Valentine In Velvet – Red Velvet!

Through the years, the traditional Valentine’s Day items have solidified themselves into what I like to call the C.R.B.C – Cards, Roses and a Box of Chocolates. Clearly they work otherwise they wouldn’t be the go-to staple each February 14th but what if your sweetheart isn’t the C.R.B.C. type? Is all hope lost for a lovely Hallmark Holiday? The answer, dear kiddies, is NO, not on DIY2EMC’s watch! The answer? Red Velvet Milkshakes! These little sweet treats are the perfect blend ofRead more

Scope Emmas Like A Big Kahuna

Has this ever happened to you? You wake fresh, grab your board, hit the beach and look out at nothin’ but Ankle Snappers (or Breakers for the Easties). Or worse, the good surf is so blown out and brutal that gnarly doesn’t even describe the half of it. Dont be a baller, be a coolaphonic crusher while waiting for the next bomb – all while staying true to your crew. Bombwatcher Surfboard Chairs are the worlds first ever Fold-to-Flat surfboard styled chairs thatRead more

Happy 2013! Never Forget…

                               Whether it’s a butcher, a baker or candlestick maker, EVERYONE NEEDS INSPIRATION. So this year be sure to stay inspired! Regardless of the subject, when you’re inspired, you’re creative. When you’re creative you’re truly living and that’s what life’s all about! So find what stirs your heart, soul & mind and make the BEST out of 2013!Read more

Black Velvet, If You Please…..

Whether there’s a slue of guests coming to your humble abode  this fine eve or you’re looking for fresh new ideas on how to repurpose your current cocktail content, here’s a little ditty that covers all the bases. It’s original, fun, tasty and most important, COMPLETELY unexpected . What we have here ladies & gents is the lovely BLACK VELVET and the recipe is simple = 3 oz of Guinness + 3 oz of Champagne + a champagne flute.  As the story goes, itRead more

Un-Crush Your Heart & That Pricey Compact

Its happened to all of us. One slip off the counter or a fumbl-y fall out of our bag and WHAM! Our perfectly pressed powder or all-time-favorite eye shadow in it’s barely-a-week-old compact is now in tiny crumbly pieces. Our face immediately crumples right along with it. Yes, there are other things that out far more frustrating, however thanks to seeing our favorite (and pricey) makeup staple wasted all over the floor, it takes the cake at that precise moment.Read more

Revamping The Classic Pony

Ahhh, the Pony Tail. Our first childhood coiffure staple. It’s quintessentially perfect. Just thinking about my first pony tail brings about bittersweet memories of slicked back sweetness as well as the ripping and pulling my tiny hair strands received in the process. But man was it ever worth it. Thankfully, hairstyles and the methods in which they are achieved have grown since those days and we are beyond thrilled to show you this super sweet yet oh-so-sexy twist on our sensitive head’sRead more

Moonshine & Mood Shine…Why We ❤ Mason Jars

There is literally nothing that you can’t do with a mason jar. Everything from storing food and knick-knacks galore to using them for drinking glasses, vases and more. (hey, that rhymes!) Speaking of MORE, today we’re featuring via Mason Jar Uses #156 – DIY LAMPS. So grab you some mason’s kiddies and Let’s Do The DIY Thang! First up, we are many things but an electrician aint one. So this posting will be catering to non-electrical geniuses like us. (For those who have the proper skillsRead more

DIYgenuity Meets Bridal Bliss

This little ditty is DIY2EMC in a nutshell. This clever and incredible talented bride wanted something original, distinguished and completely sustainable for her big day and her find will surprise you. Rummaging through an old bin of her grandmother’s belongings she found a few gorgeous old table cloths from her childhood. Cut to her wedding day where she had converted said table cloths into a stunning and totally amazing one-of-a-kind dress. This, my kiddies, is EXACTLY what we’re all about.Read more

Glamour Girl Grace

We love a good statement piece and this beautiful bride has all the elements needed to fill the room with shock and awe without even saying a word. Cutouts have always been pretty popular and with simple sparkly touches, you can truly turn the most plain-jane designs into show-stopping stunners. Even if you cant afford the haute-couture price tag, you can still create the same grace with ease and without killing your hard-earned nest egg. We’ll be using this conceptRead more