Dahlia Lovin’ – All Year Round

As we’ve said before, there’s something about Dahlias. Whether it’s their historic beginning in Mexico as a food source as well as ceremonial decor, their ability to bloom in a myriad of colors, or their incredible shapes that look as busy as they do uniform, Dahlias are hands-down one of our faves. However, growing them and keeping them looking light and lively (or just simply alive, for that matter) is no easy feat. So how do you get the gorgeous look of theseRead more

Revamp That Broken Frame

Picture frames are a fantastic style feature in any home but when their look gets dated, or worse, the glass breaks, off to the recycle bin, they go right? WRONG. With a little creative thinking, you can find a whole new way to unleash their potential and often make them far more versatile then they’d ever been before. For example: If the glass breaks in your favorite frame, use the mounting to make a 3D piece of art. Add aRead more