Frugal Flip – Black Friday Comfort

Black Friday – Like the Black Pearl, its name evokes cautious fear and spending exhaustion just thinking of it. But unlike it’s fictional counterpart, Black Friday is very real and very exhausting. Fighting the crowds over ‘Deals of the Century!’ and waking at ungodly hours just to stand in line for hours in the cold is what this festive day is all about. It’s hard to  think about style when you know what lies ahead and comfort at all levelsRead more

Frugal Flip – Cold Weather Cool

Now that it’s getting cooler (in most of the States atleast) it’s time to start letting the hemlines drop and bring those winter staples out of storage. But who says covering up meant you had to ditch style? Not us at DIY2EMC, and of course we’re going to show you how to stay spot-on trendy without racking up charges on the card. At Fashion Week, the hottest fashion houses were Mad for Plaid  and the puffer vest has yet toRead more

Ho-Hum Walkway OR Rockstar Runway?

We’re super excited about this little project because it combines all the elements we adore…….Stencils, Spray Paint, and something we already own – Sidewalk! Ready to make your walk way look like a runway? Then grab your goodies and Lets Do The DIY Thang! First, grab yourself some totally killer stencils, then peruse a few amazing colors of the spray paint rainbow , not forgetting the primer, (unless you want it to slowly wash off within a span of 6days to 6 mths), a pair of rubber gloves and a faceRead more