40+ Ways To Tie A Scarf

As years passed have proved, the winter weather often gets worse before it gets better. But finding new ways to keep warm but not monotonous can be a bit of a challenge. Since purchasing a ton of new scarves isn’t quite in the budget, it’s time to rethink our current selection. Thanks to the lovely mavens over at Scarves.net, we now have 40+ ways to stay stylishly warm this winter and without breaking the bank.  With easy how-to’s and an awesome selection ofRead more

Hold the Sugar & Hide Your Jewels in Style!

To know us is to love our endless quest to find the dual purpose in everything, even items that we’d gladly deem well enough alone. Take the beautiful sugar bowls and apothecary jars of mornings passed. Uniquely stunning yet visually fresh, these bowls would hold sugar with pizzazz and became an anchor of style in every kitchen counter. But when faced with a few more baubles than would fit in our Secret Book Compartment or Stenciled Necklace Holder, we were forced to yet again, get creative.Read more

Put A Bird On It! And Your Necklaces Too….

We’ve seen framed cork boards all over the place to redecorate your home and organize your jewelry, but this time we took it a step further and decided to make it a work of art all on it’s own, in addition to being an amazing necklace holder. Wanna see how we did it? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up, grab that crappy picture you found at a yard sale 2 years ago (or maybe that was just us), spray paint, clearRead more

The House That Scrap Built

When it comes to storage units, anything goes. Whether it’s brick and mortar, sheet metal or even a set of old French Doors, you can have a structure set in no time, without the need to measure or cut a thing. Take this lovely little shack. Looks nice & cozy, doesn’t it? Put together in 15 mins, it’s entirely made out of old repurposed doors, simple screws, nails and a few hammer swings. Even the roof is courtesy of anRead more

Take Tacky To Trendy With Nail Polish!

We’ve all been there. Whether we did it to ourselves with an overzealous purchase or we were gifted a ‘charming’ little number, we’ve all got some doozies in our jewelry box that haven’t seen the light of day since the moment they were purchased. What was last season’s IT piece has now become this season’s worst nightmare but it was too pricey to trash or maybe there’s sentimental value in your ‘special piece’ but try as you may, you justRead more

WOOD – Fun For Fire, Perfect For Pictures!

When we’d first heard of this idea, we were bewildered to say the least. Using wood as the photo AND frame, to us, was pure repurposing genius but surely it couldn’t be as easy as we’d been told. Boy were we wrong! Ready to see how you can rock a wood block with picture perfection? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we!  First up you’ll need the following: block o’ wood, gel medium, paintbrush, photo printed on copy paper with laserjetRead more

A Book-Worthy Hidden iPhone Charger

One of the most cluttered table tops in almost every home across the Globe is the bedroom nightstand. Covered with everything from remote controls to socks, lamps and candles to lotion and bras and some (like ours) even have not one but two books that have yet to be read but have been placed there to remind us that we want to. But almost ALL of them have the obnoxious snake-like phone charger chord, regardless of our phone’s maker.  So what’sRead more

Moonshine & Mood Shine…Why We ❤ Mason Jars

There is literally nothing that you can’t do with a mason jar. Everything from storing food and knick-knacks galore to using them for drinking glasses, vases and more. (hey, that rhymes!) Speaking of MORE, today we’re featuring via Mason Jar Uses #156 – DIY LAMPS. So grab you some mason’s kiddies and Let’s Do The DIY Thang! First up, we are many things but an electrician aint one. So this posting will be catering to non-electrical geniuses like us. (For those who have the proper skillsRead more

Frugal Flip – Cold Weather Cool

Now that it’s getting cooler (in most of the States atleast) it’s time to start letting the hemlines drop and bring those winter staples out of storage. But who says covering up meant you had to ditch style? Not us at DIY2EMC, and of course we’re going to show you how to stay spot-on trendy without racking up charges on the card. At Fashion Week, the hottest fashion houses were Mad for Plaid  and the puffer vest has yet toRead more

DIYgenuity Meets Bridal Bliss

This little ditty is DIY2EMC in a nutshell. This clever and incredible talented bride wanted something original, distinguished and completely sustainable for her big day and her find will surprise you. Rummaging through an old bin of her grandmother’s belongings she found a few gorgeous old table cloths from her childhood. Cut to her wedding day where she had converted said table cloths into a stunning and totally amazing one-of-a-kind dress. This, my kiddies, is EXACTLY what we’re all about.Read more