A Rope Bracelet To Swing With

Whether it’s tribal themed, nautical-esque, or dripping with jewels and neon, Embellished Rope is a trend we can gladly pounce on. But spend our internet, phone & cable bundle cash on one stinkin’ bracelet? Um, no thanks. Lets try this on instead. Pick up some Rope, Crystal Chain, 2 colors of Embroidery Floss, Barrel Cord Ends & Jump Rings, the Clasp, Masking Tape and Gorilla Glue and Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we! Cut the cord to fit your wrist; not too tight now. Tape the floss of your firstRead more

Say Bye Bye To Tarantula Eyes

We’ve spent more money on lash combs that we’d care to admit and have repurposed every last safety pin in the house when we’d lost our lash comb (yet again.) All in the endless pursuit of natural looking lashes rather than an eye full of spider legs. EWWW. Yes, we know that they were all the rage last season and on every runway from Chloe and Lanvin to Valentino and Mui Mui’s during their ‘11 Fall campaigns. Personally, we think they’re aRead more

Behold The World’s Most Expensive Polish

Although we dont splurge often (we are proud frugalistas, after all) when we do it’s almost always on one of two things – Food……and nail polish. Because the former is necessary for living and we need to live to bring you the amazingness that’s here on DIY2EMC, that one’s a given. Nail polish, however, is our secret shame in the world of paying retail. Given we use it for a plethora of DIY ditties, it seems to justify the full price purchase most ofRead more

Look Who Got An Inspiring Blogger Award!

Thanks to the beautiful Brooke of the awesome blog, Just Wore This, little ol’ DIY2EMC has been awarded the Inspiring Blogger Award! This is the first award I’ve ever won of this kind and needless to say, I’m super humbled and beyond grateful. Now, like a good *G.R.I.T. should, I’m fulfilling my IBA duties which are: Display the award logo on your blog (CHECK!)  Link back to the person who nominated you (DOUBLE CHECK!)  Post 7 things about yourself not listed on yourRead more

Take Tacky To Trendy With Nail Polish!

We’ve all been there. Whether we did it to ourselves with an overzealous purchase or we were gifted a ‘charming’ little number, we’ve all got some doozies in our jewelry box that haven’t seen the light of day since the moment they were purchased. What was last season’s IT piece has now become this season’s worst nightmare but it was too pricey to trash or maybe there’s sentimental value in your ‘special piece’ but try as you may, you justRead more

Dont’ Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

We are ALL born to shine. How bright and how long is for us to decide and should never be determined by another’s opinion. When you feel like your sparkle is dulling or the twinkle is getting too tough to maintain, remember that even the brightest of stars need a break now and then to recharge. Take time for YOU and stick to it for as long as you need. People’s opinions will vary but will almost always come withoutRead more

Got My Vans On But They Look Like Louboutins

It’s officially fall and we’ve been trying to find ways to make all of our time spent indoors a bit more productive. When scouring the interweb took its eye-straining toll, we opted for a bit of fashionably late ‘Spring Cleaning’ of our shoe collection. Inspired by the OH-SO-KEWL-but-light-years-from-our-price-range Loubies we stumbled upon online, even at 30% off we decided to take an old scruffy pair of kicks and make them affordably fabulous. Care to know how? We thought you’d never ask….so Lets Do The DIY Thang, shallRead more

Glamour Girl Grace

We love a good statement piece and this beautiful bride has all the elements needed to fill the room with shock and awe without even saying a word. Cutouts have always been pretty popular and with simple sparkly touches, you can truly turn the most plain-jane designs into show-stopping stunners. Even if you cant afford the haute-couture price tag, you can still create the same grace with ease and without killing your hard-earned nest egg. We’ll be using this conceptRead more

Pretty Party Princess Perfection

Now that we’re currently in the throws of wedding season, we’ve come across some gorgeous finds and these stunning sparklers are no exception. It’s incredible how many ways you can take the little details of your wedding, like your bridal shoes, and make them part of one cohesive and stunningly perfect theme. Dont these just scream Pretty Pretty Princess and Disco Dancing Diva all at once? We salute you Miu Miu……these truly are perfection! For all of us who love this lookRead more