Get A Golden Glow With…LETTUCE?

Its no secret that when it comes to seasons, Summer is one of the most loved. Hemlines get shorter, sleeves become scarce but the abundance of sunshine gives a warm glow both inside and out. That golden glow is coveted long after the summer months have gone and often maintained through the use of self-tanning products like lotions, sprays and hours laying in tanning beds. Despite the many health risks associated with these not-so-sunny tanning methods, the sunless tanning industryRead more

Whiter, Brighter Teeth…Naturally!

There’s a lot of buzz out there about Fluoride – especially about the more-harmful-than-helpful side effects. The majority of commercial toothpastes contain many artificial ingredients that can have a negative affect on our teeth and bodies over time. Given  almost every brand out there is filled fluoride, what’s a person to do if they decide to live fluoride-free? Why, grab yourself a tube of a healthier alternatives, of course! Unlike the former options that tasted horrible, today’s selections are as yummy as theyRead more

10 Foods That Promote Brain Health

With the new year comes a few new resolutions. Whether it’s wanting a slimmer waistline, a healthier lifestyle, a strong relationship with others or just wanting to add a few more books to your reading list, we all have the best intentions for 2013. To get the motivation going you need to up your brain power first. But how do we exercise the squishy yet powerful organ between our ears?  First and foremost, PLAY WITH IT. Yes, you read thatRead more

Tat Yourself Commitment Free

Loving the look of ink is one of our guilty pleasures. The pain and commitment that comes with them, however, not so much. Yet try as we may, we just cant shake our love of cool tattoos and for the longest time we thought the only solution was a batch of temporary ones you’d see in grocery store vending machine. Rocking the same little mermaid as the screaming 6 year old in line behind us though is not a goodRead more

Fight SAD-ness with Food!

It may be the most wonderful time of the year but sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays it can truly feel like the worst. We’re more lethargic than normal, maybe even a bit achy at times and often just as gloomy as the stormy weather outside. So what’s up with all the holiday doom and gloom? Don’t worry – you’re not turning into Ebenezer Scrooge. You’re more than likely suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or aptly referred toRead more

The Perfect Face Primer…By Monistat?

Yes you read that right! Monistat Chafing Gel is the exact same formula as Smashbox’ Photofinish Primer, as well as a few other high end face primers. Why is this important? Because the Monistat Chafing Gel is 1/5th their cost!  We were shocked and, to be honest, a bit hesitant. But after one use and seeing our simple foundation staying ALL DAY, we were hooked. So next time you find yourself in the ‘ladies aisle’ at Target, snag you some of thisRead more

Spray On The Flavor With STEM

Designed to allow you to spray juice directly from a citrus fruit with no slicing or squeezing required, chef’s around the world can rejoice in this genius little wonder. Thanks to STEM, no longer do you have to cut and squeeze your fruit to access the delicious juice inside. With one finger you can now spray citrus juice on your favorite foods evenly and without having to guard your eyes in the process. (Something my sister still does to this dayRead more

Is This USDA Organic Or Just Portlandia Organic?

Its seems like everyone and their mama is on the ‘O’ train. From food to clothing, advertising and even just simple table conversation, it’s all about the ‘O’ and ‘O’ being Organic. While we love this public embrace of a personal cause, truth be told there’s a few folks slapping an ‘O’ on products that are far from it. But other than visiting the local farm to see for yourself just how organic it really is, do we really have anyRead more

Dont’ Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

We are ALL born to shine. How bright and how long is for us to decide and should never be determined by another’s opinion. When you feel like your sparkle is dulling or the twinkle is getting too tough to maintain, remember that even the brightest of stars need a break now and then to recharge. Take time for YOU and stick to it for as long as you need. People’s opinions will vary but will almost always come withoutRead more

Get X-Ray Vision with Hugh Turvey

What started out at a small favor for friend turned into an entirely new collection for famed photographer / designer / art director, Hugh Turvey. Needing an image for an album cover, Turvey’s task was simple – photograph a skull via X-ray.  What happens next is the launching of Turvey’s new career as well as a new perspective on everyday objects.Now 41, Turvey has long been fascinated with getting underneath the surface of things. He said: “I’m driven by myRead more