Give Your Sweetie Some Homemade Sugar

As we’ve stated before, to truly impress your Valentine this year, reach beyond the traditional C.R.B.C.’s and instead make something from the heart. This little DIY ditty is the perfect blend of fun, color and sweetness and is guaranteed to please even the bitterest of sweet tooths! Wanna learn how to spread that ‘Love Day’ feeling long after the February calendar page as flipped? Then Let’s Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up, you’ll need the following ingredients for 4 different colored ‘cubes’:   Read more

Wrap Your Valentine In Velvet – Red Velvet!

Through the years, the traditional Valentine’s Day items have solidified themselves into what I like to call the C.R.B.C – Cards, Roses and a Box of Chocolates. Clearly they work otherwise they wouldn’t be the go-to staple each February 14th but what if your sweetheart isn’t the C.R.B.C. type? Is all hope lost for a lovely Hallmark Holiday? The answer, dear kiddies, is NO, not on DIY2EMC’s watch! The answer? Red Velvet Milkshakes! These little sweet treats are the perfect blend ofRead more

Dent-Less Ouch-Less DIY Hair Ties

We are OBSESSED with new elastic hair ties that are taking the world by storm. The high price for what you get, however, not so much. ($12 for 3? Seriously?) So we decided to we can make this dent-less ouch-less wonders ourselves and of course, better through repurposing too. Ready to make your own and give those high-priced ties the boot? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up you’ll need to grab you some FOE. No we dont mean yourRead more