Vita-Veta-All Natural Vitamin Waters

The DIY, ALL NATURAL, NO SUGAR ADDED Five Cures For What Ails Ya! We love us a good drink, alcohol infused or otherwise, especially when it’s also good for us. While we were in love with all things “vitamin water’ but disgusted with the hidden unhealthiness packed inside, we were on the hunt for something better. Inspired by the healthy living of on sexy/sassy health guru, Zain Saraswati Jamal, we decided to give her DIY recipes for vitamin waters a try. What weRead more

The Silent Killer showcased this month….

This is a brief reprise of the posting from September 2009 (but condensed, of course) because until there’s a cure,  or more awareness about prevention, I’ll NEVER stop trying to push this into the face of every woman I know… ..and yes, hopefully even some I don’t. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and aside from its “Silent Killer” moniker, it’s slogan “It Whispers….so Listen” can be heard ’round the world. As a survivor myself and ribbon wearer in memoryRead more