USB Me Baby!

Who says geek cant be chic? With these USB studded cuffs from Juicy Couture you can rock your row of cubicles with style and still have the ability to flash(drive) and dash. Made of durable rubber, these hip cuffs are edgy and spot on trendy but also have a very handy built in 4G USB flash drive. So cuff with confidence, rep your tech with couture cool and let all the stick wearing haters know, “It’s all in the wrist”. *Cover: Juicy CoutureRead more


Fresh flowers. Just the thought of them evoke the happiest of feelings and with their presence comes pure zen. The ones who are sans scent often are too exquisite to capture any more senses and the one’s who aren’t much to look at almost always have the best stories behind them. And like today, they’re notorious for being inspirational (There aint a million nana’s out there named Rose for nothin’) as this pic instantly made us think PROJECT! Stay tuned to see whatRead more

Dent-Less Ouch-Less DIY Hair Ties

We are OBSESSED with new elastic hair ties that are taking the world by storm. The high price for what you get, however, not so much. ($12 for 3? Seriously?) So we decided to we can make this dent-less ouch-less wonders ourselves and of course, better through repurposing too. Ready to make your own and give those high-priced ties the boot? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up you’ll need to grab you some FOE. No we dont mean yourRead more