Give Flakey Lips a Mint Chocolate Kiss

When the weather outside gets brutal, one of the first victims of the bitter cold is your lips. That pretty little pucker gets dry, chapped and flaky faster than you can say Pillsbury and lip balm just doesn’t quite cut it. Fixing this common problem is as simple as a lip scrub….which you can find anywhere. But lets be honest, if it’s going on your lips its going in your mouth so you want to keep it as natural (andRead more

Give Yourself Some All Natural Zing-A-Ding-Ding!

Never one to leave the house without a reusable beverage container, we are 100% prime-time in LOVE with the products from ZING ANYTHING. Dedicated to creating user-friendly products made to combine flavor and nutrition, their line of infusing bottles are pure eco-friendly genius. Made of health-safe materials – like BPA/EA-free Tritan Plastic from Eastman and 18/8 double walled stainless steel – they’re a great alternative to the pricey, unhealthy beverage options at the grocery. Take their Aqua Zinger which uses a small but effective built in grinder,Read more

Give The Gift Of Guilt-Free Goodness!

When it comes to having a sweet tooth, ours is the size of Texas. If it’s sugary goodness and sticky sweet, we are 100% ALL IN. But sadly, once we’ve made our bet with the white processed devil its our body (and health) that pay the price. So what’s a sweet-lover to do when they’re craving that delicious cookie goodness but not the horrible side effects that come with it?  Why you call Stephanie at Stasha Health Catalyst, of course! Her Gluten-Free,Read more

Is This USDA Organic Or Just Portlandia Organic?

Its seems like everyone and their mama is on the ‘O’ train. From food to clothing, advertising and even just simple table conversation, it’s all about the ‘O’ and ‘O’ being Organic. While we love this public embrace of a personal cause, truth be told there’s a few folks slapping an ‘O’ on products that are far from it. But other than visiting the local farm to see for yourself just how organic it really is, do we really have anyRead more