A Rope Bracelet To Swing With

Whether it’s tribal themed, nautical-esque, or dripping with jewels and neon, Embellished Rope is a trend we can gladly pounce on. But spend our internet, phone & cable bundle cash on one stinkin’ bracelet? Um, no thanks. Lets try this on instead. Pick up some Rope, Crystal Chain, 2 colors of Embroidery Floss, Barrel Cord Ends & Jump Rings, the Clasp, Masking Tape and Gorilla Glue and Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we! Cut the cord to fit your wrist; not too tight now. Tape the floss of your firstRead more

Upcycle With Nail Polish!

We’ve featured the lovely and yet completely versatile powers of nail polish before and today’s piece adds even more to it’s repertoire. We’ve taken a pair of zebra print earrings and transformed them into a pair of super trendy ear lobe accouterment and we, dear kiddies, want to show you how. Ready to rock out with your polish out? Then Let’s Do The DIY Thang, shall we? Aside from your darling little earrings in need of a little up-cycling, you’ll need nail polish remover (if there’s currentlyRead more

Footloose Flats & Commitment Free!

Unless you’ve been under a rock all spring, you know NEON is all the rage for this summer and into fall. Whether its through a full on bright body-con dress, a color-blocked & neutral beach tote, or a simple striped tee, NEON is Where Its At. Not the commitment type when it comes to all things bright? No worries! There’s no easier (and cheaper) way to try a fresh pop of color in your wardrobe then through footwear and this little DIY ditty is not only easilyRead more

Dent-Less Ouch-Less DIY Hair Ties

We are OBSESSED with new elastic hair ties that are taking the world by storm. The high price for what you get, however, not so much. ($12 for 3? Seriously?) So we decided to we can make this dent-less ouch-less wonders ourselves and of course, better through repurposing too. Ready to make your own and give those high-priced ties the boot? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up you’ll need to grab you some FOE. No we dont mean yourRead more