Black Velvet, If You Please…..

Whether there’s a slue of guests coming to your humble abode  this fine eve or you’re looking for fresh new ideas on how to repurpose your current cocktail content, here’s a little ditty that covers all the bases. It’s original, fun, tasty and most important, COMPLETELY unexpected . What we have here ladies & gents is the lovely BLACK VELVET and the recipe is simple = 3 oz of Guinness + 3 oz of Champagne + a champagne flute.  As the story goes, itRead more

Pencil Pushers Geometrically Unite!

We find that when it comes to organization, there’s no such thing as too much. And the opportunity to make something DIY-tastic while expanding our organizational repertoire is relished with glee. Like this little ditty! Never did making a pencil pouch (or makeup brush holder, lipstick keeper, nail stuff pocket, etc) be so much fun while costing so little. So Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? Grab yourself some basic muslin, alittle fusible interfacing to make it sturdy, a ruler (or any stencil….if youRead more