Shake It Bay-Bee Shake It!

As part of our new way of eating for the new year, we’ll be doing our best to up the leafy greens in our daily diet and cut the meat at least one day a week. Given we’re HUGE fried chicken lovers (with a honkin’ side of steak, of course) combined with our busy schedules, this new found culinary plan has potential of being quite a challenge. But when it comes to our health we refuse to give up, so we considerRead more

Get A Golden Glow With…LETTUCE?

Its no secret that when it comes to seasons, Summer is one of the most loved. Hemlines get shorter, sleeves become scarce but the abundance of sunshine gives a warm glow both inside and out. That golden glow is coveted long after the summer months have gone and often maintained through the use of self-tanning products like lotions, sprays and hours laying in tanning beds. Despite the many health risks associated with these not-so-sunny tanning methods, the sunless tanning industryRead more

Kill The Green Monster With Blueberry Kindness

We are all about being healthy these days. More leafy green, a bit juicing and yes of course some smoothie-ing, too. All in all it’s been rather pleasant, despite cutting back on our bacon intake. Yet sometimes it’s just too hard to stomach the ‘crunchy’ stuff. No we’re not talking straight granola as a whole; its just that some super duper power foods can taste more like plain ol’ super duper poop. We used to think that the Green Monster was oneRead more