Vegan Key Lime Ice Cream

To me, one of the best treats around is ice cream, especially flavors that scream summer. One of those favorite flavors is Key Lime Pie. However, my tummy isn’t a fan of all that dairy and the refined sugars & saturated fat that come along with it too can be bad for your health. So I’ve found a way to get the rich and creamy taste I love by using the texture of something a little unexpected – AVOCADO! ToRead more

Kill The Green Monster With Blueberry Kindness

We are all about being healthy these days. More leafy green, a bit juicing and yes of course some smoothie-ing, too. All in all it’s been rather pleasant, despite cutting back on our bacon intake. Yet sometimes it’s just too hard to stomach the ‘crunchy’ stuff. No we’re not talking straight granola as a whole; its just that some super duper power foods can taste more like plain ol’ super duper poop. We used to think that the Green Monster was oneRead more