Super Easy Porcelain-esque Ornaments!

Obsessed with the look of porcelain ornaments but not so much the price, we set out to make our own. With a few simple items we already had in the kitchen and the craft room we made these awesome dual purpose ornament/gift tags that are just as adorable as they are customizable. Wanna see how we made our gifts look like a million without spending a dime? Then READ ON thrifty creative ones! First and foremost, these are NOT salt dough ornaments. Close….butRead more

For The ❤ Of Crayons

When I was little, I was amazed by just how much could be done with a simple stick of colored wax. I’d make all of my imaginary worlds come to life, leave ‘hiya!’ notes for my mom and friends and sometimes, when I was too young to know better, it came in handy as an afternoon snack. I’ve since stopped the enjoying the culinary cuisine of Crayons but not my recreational love for them. So imagine my joy when discovering this!Read more