When you’re looking to add a small pop of color for your home or just a simple project to scratch that crafty itch, look no further than this mini wall vase tutorial. About the length of your forearm, it’s the perfect size for tight spaces in a hallway, entryway, or even a work cubicle. The best part? Its less than $10 and SO EASY TO MAKE! Don’t believe us? Check this out: First you’ll need – 1 small round wooden plaque, 3Read more

Get X-Ray Vision with Hugh Turvey

What started out at a small favor for friend turned into an entirely new collection for famed photographer / designer / art director, Hugh Turvey. Needing an image for an album cover, Turvey’s task was simple – photograph a skull via X-ray.  What happens next is the launching of Turvey’s new career as well as a new perspective on everyday objects.Now 41, Turvey has long been fascinated with getting underneath the surface of things. He said: “I’m driven by myRead more


Fresh flowers. Just the thought of them evoke the happiest of feelings and with their presence comes pure zen. The ones who are sans scent often are too exquisite to capture any more senses and the one’s who aren’t much to look at almost always have the best stories behind them. And like today, they’re notorious for being inspirational (There aint a million nana’s out there named Rose for nothin’) as this pic instantly made us think PROJECT! Stay tuned to see whatRead more