All of the anti-aging, super-power healthy benefits we’re always on the hunt for may be as close as our kitchen cabinet. Rather than pop another pill to make ourselves better from the inside out, taking a closer look at the spice contents of our our kitchen may be all the tasty basdirection we need!  For example…   RED PEPPER / CAYENNE — The active ingredient capsaicin is used topically to relieve pain of peripheral neuropathy. It also stimulates bile acid and mayRead more

The Silent Killer showcased this month….

This is a brief reprise of the posting from September 2009 (but condensed, of course) because until there’s a cure,  or more awareness about prevention, I’ll NEVER stop trying to push this into the face of every woman I know… ..and yes, hopefully even some I don’t. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and aside from its “Silent Killer” moniker, it’s slogan “It Whispers….so Listen” can be heard ’round the world. As a survivor myself and ribbon wearer in memoryRead more

OVACA – It whispers, so listen…

It was a Tuesday night in early December 09 and I found myself sitting in a brand new chair in a brand new auditorium at the brand new Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA. (If I sound impressed with the shiny new digs, its because I was.) I’d been in the brand new building of the Ronald Regan Medical Center at UCLA before, several times actually and for the same reason I was there that night, despite the grand difference in circumstance. Read more