Change is Scary…Regret is Scarier.

With the coming of the new year comes personal reflection and more often than not, strong vows of change. Whether it’s the desire to work out more, stop dating a ‘certain type’, start an entirely new career or maybe it’s just to make more time for our loved ones, all are vowed with genuine intent. However, as each year proves, it’s not long before “IT” happens – LIFE. We soon get back to business as usual and the excuses toRead more


This DIY gem is a super easy make…all you need is a tea cup, paint pen and a steady turtles pace…..cause if you want a smooth and even line, slow and steady wins this race! Whether you use a wider tip for lines, dots or zigzags or a fine tip for writing names, initials and more make sure to do so before that double shot of espresso. Unless you’re going for a frazzled, shaky-hand look…in which case the end result would be brilliantRead more