Re-Bling Your Bracelets

Our love of nail polish is undeniable (see evidence here and here and yes, even here) and now we’re taking our joy of revamping with it to a whole new level. If we can use China Glaze, Butter and Nars to bring the sexy back in our ear lobes couldn’t we add some flare to our wrists as well? The answer dear kiddies, is YES INDEEDY DO! Ready to put some boogie bo-jangle back in that old boring bangle? Then Lets DO The DIY Thang, shall we? FirstRead more

USB Me Baby!

Who says geek cant be chic? With these USB studded cuffs from Juicy Couture you can rock your row of cubicles with style and still have the ability to flash(drive) and dash. Made of durable rubber, these hip cuffs are edgy and spot on trendy but also have a very handy built in 4G USB flash drive. So cuff with confidence, rep your tech with couture cool and let all the stick wearing haters know, “It’s all in the wrist”. *Cover: Juicy CoutureRead more