9360380175_d3bd770fa1_oWhen you’re looking to add a small pop of color for your home or just a simple project to scratch that crafty itch, look no further than this mini wall vase tutorial. About the length of your forearm, it’s the perfect size for tight spaces in a hallway, entryway, or even a work cubicle. The best part? Its less than $10 and SO EASY TO MAKE! Don’t believe us? Check this out:

First you’ll need – 1 small round wooden plaque3 wooden dowels3 wooden beads1 small glass vialgluecraft saw (or a serrated edge knife will do fine)9360380161_46787dc025_oCut two of the wooden dowels to approximately 5″ in length. Cut the third to 6″.

9360380211_29fbebe055_oUse the glue to adhere a wooden bead to the end of each of the three dowels. You can use this as an opportunity to hide jagged edges inside the beads..


Glue the dowels to the back of the plaque and the glass vial to the front of the plaque. To hang the vase, either drill a small hole in the back or affix a picture hanger

9360380237_a9c29a59db_o*TIP: Wait at least 12 hours before filling the vase so the E-6000 can work it’s magic!

9360380175_d3bd770fa1_oYou can customize this DIY ditty by painting it wood to fit your decor style, use washi tape on the dowels to add instant patterns, change the beads & plaque to glass and square shapes or even adding a few colorful feathers gives it a dream-catcher vibe! Hang on your wall, cubicle, headboard or wherever you have a flat surface you wish bring a little life to. Enjoy!

Thanks FabricPaperGlue!

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