Unlike the masses who’ve had their costumes picked out since Labor Day weekend, we often wait until the last minute to decide what attire we’ll don while Trick or Treating. For those of you who love to procrastinate as much as we do, this LBD tip is for you! Whether you want to be frightful or fabulous…the must-have item you already own, a Little Black Dress, is all you really need to get started.

3-AudreyWant to channel your inner ‘Holly Go-Lightly’? Then add a pair of black elbow length Gloves, a string or two of faux pearls, a tiara and a cigarette holder and VOILA! You’re ready for breakfast at Tiffany’s in no time flat. (Not at smoker? Use a 1/4 wooden dowl rod painted black and keep your lungs healthy!)

2-OlsenNeed something with a little bit more “Pop” in its culture? How about an Olsen Twin? Grab a boho-style vest, extra baggy shawl or knee length jacket, a pair of oversized sunglasses & tote bag, topped with an on-the-go coffee mug and long blonde wig and poof! You’re now little Michelle Tanner – All Grown Up!

5-MinnieMinnie Mouse is always a crowd pleaser! Just grab some short white gloves, mouse ears (or a headband with 2 felt circles attached), a pair of white ankle socks and red heels. POP up your LBD with some Sticky Back Coins which come off with ease once the festivities are done!

4-CruellaIf that’s too ‘sweet’ for your cruel taste, then maybe Cruella Deville is more your speed? Top your LBD with a faux capelet, a large cocktail ring (preferably blue), red elbow gloves, a cigarette holder (or wooden dowl rod), red heels and of course, a stuffed toy Dalmatian. Now all you need is a wicked laugh and an inappropriate love for “puppies”.

6-Wednesday1If you’re looking for something mysterious & spooky and all together ooky, then look no further than the Wednesday Addams. Layer your LBD over a collared white shirt, form-fitted black cardigan, black tights and ankle boots with a center part in your pig tail braids and you’ll be the apple of Uncle Fester’s eye. Don’t forget to stare blankly at anyone you come into contact with and smiling is absolutely out of the question.

With everyone else spending gobs of loot to look like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga, you can enjoy the treats of these DIY tricks – all of which are guaranteed to make your Halloween party attire cheaper as well as sweeter.


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