Get The Notion & Backfield Motion power of the past is undeniably strong. When visited properly, its a healthy resource providing us with perspective, humility and inspiration needed to evoke change in our life ahead. Yes, reflection is a good thing… long as we don’t get lost while looking back.

Like gazing into a mirror,  staring too long into the past can distort the truth and become debilitating to your future. Getting lost in the “shouda-coulda-woulda” of former events stunts growth and often brings about a fear that stops change dead in its tracks. In the grand scheme of things, “what might have been” no longer matters. It’s time has passed. Focusing on elements that cannot be changed is redundant, exhausting and often misleading. “What is yet to be” should be the new goal. Facilitate it by focusing your thoughts on actions that create a positive future and propel you forward.

New perspective is the catapult to success and like a rocket shot from a cannon, there ain’t no changing it’s enlightened course. So be that rocket. Leave all of your former doubts, fears and past-driven inhibitions in the dust and aim high. The worst that can happen is finding your self in motion…and as ol’ Issac said, staying that way.

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