Smell Your Way To Success

Toucan Sam was on to something when he said, “Follow the nose….it always knows!”. When it comes to smells, just the one whiff can transport us back in time instantly. From your childhood home to a fond memory of a deceased relative, maybe a favorite beach day or even right back to your high school cafeteria (Ketchup does that to me every time), your sense of smell is one powerful tool. In fact, it’s scientifically proven to control your brain and emotions….both positively and well, not-so-positively. So the next time your nose puts you in a mood that you’d either like to linger or get away from as fast as possible….here’s a few Scent-sational tips, to get that mood-modifying machine a-rollin’.

B4D9C0FC53C94E8BA211B3CD61DCE633Want to feel Confident and Clear? Smelling the distinctively clean and citrusy scent of LEMON is a fast track to feel great about yourself. It’s also fantastic as a disinfectant!

Lavender-71Need to Chillax and Unwind Your Mind? It’s no secret LAVENDER is everyones favorite go-to. Commonly used in “swooning pillows” of the Victoria Era, it can ease exhaustion, insomnia, irritability and even depression. Hey, a million spas around the globe can’t be wrong!

eucalyptusGot a Cold or just need a little Pick-Me-Up? Herbalists who need to feel invigorated, awake and inspired swear by the power of EUCALYPTUS OIL. So does Vicks Vapor Rub. Coincidence? We think not.

Jasmin-Flower1Ready to dim the lights and get ‘personal’? The aphrodisiacal powers of JASMINE can do the trick. Harvested in the wee hours of the night, when the scent is most pungent, it genetically proves that nighttime is the right time to bring sexy back.

3672508-bunch-of-flowering-sage-tied-with-kitchen-stringOooh Dreamweaver, I believe you can get me through the night…….as long as you’re holding SAGE. Reportedly used to make dreams more vivid and subconscious thought clearer, Gary Wright must’ve had a fistful when he reached the morning light.

PeppermintLGWhen it comes to Jet Lag and a needed boost of ‘Kick-In-The-Pants’, pick the peppy power of PEPPERMINT. It’s oil is linked to an increased ability to concentrate under fatigue and although a fresh sprig is best, I’m sure wafting a stick of gum will do just fine in a pinch.

All-Properties-of-ChamomileNeed to sleep but can’t calm your brain enough for lights-out? CAMOMILE is long thought to encourage relaxation and calm the mind. Medieval monks lined their gardens with it to relieve stress and its also the numero uno ingredient in our bed-time go to – Sleepytime Tea.

Ooh Wee, PATCHOULI. Used by hippies and hipsters alike to relieve headaches and to also evoke exotic, erotic feelings, this plant is also a fantastic inset repellent. Given my personal feelings of its scent, I’ll just end the commentary on that note.

imgresA rose by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet, but its aroma may still evoke feelings of love, luxury and stability just as it does now. So if you need to motivate your mood with anyone one or all three, get you some ROSE oil STAT.

ylangI’d once heard of a small dog who received YLANG YLANG massages weekly. I was confused as to why until I learned that the tropical petals of this tree create a languid calm that can melt away anxiety, tension and stress, according to Aromatherapy practices. Given he was also a Yorkie forced to wear boots, goggles and sweater…in July…it all makes sense now.

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