Make Your Own Skinny Jeans!

Ahhh the “Skinny Jean”….a fashion forward look  we fought long and hard for years. Thinking they would make our stubby gams look less lean and lengthy and more like a top-heavy turkey leg, we clutched our favorite bootcuts like they were our first born. That is until we actually tried on a pair of skinnies and discovered we’d been wrong all along and purchased them immediately. From that day forward we were hooked. But replacing all of our trusty bootcuts for a myriad of skinnies was a shopping trip we neither wanted to make or could really afford. (I mean $190 for one stinkin’ pair?!? Zipper Please.) Besides, our current boot cuts are broken in perfectly and already make our backside look amazing so why ditch a good thing when they can be revamped instead? Ready to see how you can bring the sexy back to your ol’ faithfuls? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we!

First, you’ll need the basics: Your pair of bootcut, wide-leg or straight-leg jeans that need some sexification, a pair of skinny jeans you already own (if you dont have a skinny pair to spare, then grab yourself  a slew of safety pins), scissors, straight pins, a piece of chalk and a sewing machine. We used our favorite bootcuts that had lost some length in an overheated dryer incident a year back. Due to their new high-water nature, they hadn’t been worn since….until now! If you have a pair of skinnies already, use them as a template in the steps that follow. (*If you dont have a skinny pair to spare, grab your jeans , slide them on INSIDE OUT and proceed to pin the legs to your desired skinny level. Then take them off and pick up at Step 2)  

STEP 1: Turn your soon-to-be-skinny’d jeans inside out and flatten them on the table or floor to make the side seams even. This is MUY IMPORTANTE considering all jeans have more fabric on the back of the leg than the front and this is a ratio you want to keep. Next, place your skinny jeans on top of  the inside out jeans. Make sure to line up the seat, crotch and inner seams as evenly as possible. We’ve chosen to take in from the outer seams but if you wish to take in where your jeans aren’t topstitched, line up per the outer seams. You can see all of the extra fabric on the bootcut jeans compared to the skinny jeans on top – some of which is also length – all of which has to go. Take your piece of chalk and trace the outline of the skinny jeans onto the fabric of your ol’ bootcuts, not forgetting the hem. Then ditch the purchased skinnys and use your straight pins to hold both pieces of the leg in place while you sew. (Again, Muy Importante unless your legs are as thin as now arms)

STEP 2:  Once you’ve pinned your ol’ bootcuts, it’s time to take it to the machine and sew along your line of pins, removing them as you achieve your new skinny leg shape. It’s always best to try a simple straight stitch first and then put them on to make sure the fit is just right – going back with a more reinforced stitch once they’re perfect. (Unless, of course, you enjoy giving yourself carpal tunnel via seam ripper…then by all means rip away) After your reinforced stitching  is complete, you can use your scissors or a rotary cutter to remove the extra fabric from inside of the legs. VOILA! Your ol’ pair of bootcut beauties are now totally hip and super sexy skinnies and all without the single swipe of a credit card!

With all the cash you saved making your own, you can strut your sassy frugalista self right out the door in sexy skinny jean style and still have a little extra jingle to mingle in your pockets! Now who said said saving the DIY way isn’t sexy? Not us dear kiddies…..definitely not us!

6 responses to Make Your Own Skinny Jeans!

    • diy2emc says:

      The best commitment-free option I’ve found is a simple tack stitch…..that way if it goes horribly awry, you can just remove the thread and still have your jeans intact!

  1. diy2emc says:

    Thanks so much to you both! If you decide to give it a try, please feel free to post your pics here – I love to feature the incredible creativity of my subscribers!

    • diy2emc says:

      Please do! We love highlighting our reader’s take on ideas found here and this little ditty is no exception. It’s such a budget saver and super simple! 🙂

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