Drop The Stone & Romance The Wall!


JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINES DAY! Its common knowledge by now that we LOVE repurposing, it’s really what we’re all about here at DIY2EMC. But sometimes the art of repurposing can be a bit labor intensive. Sometimes, like this one, its as easy as pie! Aside from looking uber-expensive yet being ridiculously not, this DIY wonder changes the entire look of the room as well as the bulb, making it the dually-est purposed light bulb we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. And it just happens to be spot on trendy with it’s racy lacy pattern! Wanna know how to do it? Then Let’s Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up you’ll need some Looking Glass Spray PaintClear Coat Sealant, rubber gloves, an LED Light Bulb(s), rubber band(s) and for the Pièce de Résistance, some Lace Doilies. Wrap your bulb in the lace doily, securing it at the base with the rubber band. Spray with the Looking Glass Spray and let it dry completely. (No one likes a smudgy bulb) Once dry, finish with the Clear Coat to set the chrome-like finish. Remove the doily after the clear coat has dried completely and VOILA! Your new pretty bulbs are ready to paint the walls with sexy lacy patterns. Who needs candles to set the mood when your room is covered in négligée inspired goodness? No risk of the drapes going up in a blaze of glory either. Now go flip the switch and get your sexy room romance awn, dear kiddies. Hubba Hubba.

*Photo: A Bit Of Bee’s Knees

2 responses to Drop The Stone & Romance The Wall!

  1. Tikita Torp says:

    I’m sorry, this may be wrong, but I’m a bit concerned.
    Will this spraypaint not begin to release dangerous fumes and start burning when the lightbulb heats up? It says on the product information: “DANGER! Extremely Flammable. Vapors may cause flash fires”.

    • diy2emc says:

      Hi Tikita, Thank for the excellent question. On a regular, old fashioned bulb you are absolutely correct. But due to the latest technology with LED bulbs, which do not get anywhere near as hot on the surface, the flammable risk is removed. As with all of our projects, we try to take the time to address any potential issues while testing them so that our readers do not have to deal with the trial and error. Thank you again for the question!

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