A Rope Bracelet To Swing With

Whether it’s tribal themed, nautical-esque, or dripping with jewels and neon, Embellished Rope is a trend we can gladly pounce on. But spend our internet, phone & cable bundle cash on one stinkin’ bracelet? Um, no thanks. Lets try this on instead. Pick up some RopeCrystal Chain, 2 colors of Embroidery FlossBarrel Cord Ends Jump Rings, the Clasp, Masking Tape and Gorilla Glue and Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we! Cut the cord to fit your wrist; not too tight now. Tape the floss of your first color to the end and wrap around it once for good measure. Then add your crystal chain, continuing to wrap the floss between each crystal 3 times. When you’re halfway through tie a knot between the open end of your current color floss with the new color and continue to wrap. Once you’re done wrapping, put tape at the end to secure the floss just as you did in the beginning. Drop some glue on the taped edges, slide on your barrel cord ends and let dry for at least 2 hours. Then attach your jump rings and clasp. Now go sport that DIY ditty like it cost you your entertainment bundle for the next 3 months…only you and your cable guy will know the real story.

*Cover: ShopBop

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