40+ Ways To Tie A Scarf

scarf-tying-indexAs years passed have proved, the winter weather often gets worse before it gets better. But finding new ways to keep warm but not monotonous can be a bit of a challenge. Since purchasing a ton of new scarves isn’t quite in the budget, it’s time to rethink our current selection. Thanks to the lovely mavens over at Scarves.net, we now have 40+ ways to stay stylishly warm this winter and without breaking the bank.  With easy how-to’s and an awesome selection of new styles to purchase, it’s the perfect one-stop-shop for keeping in style while still protecting yo’ neck(Which reminds us: How can Hip Hop be dead if WuTang is Forever? Ponder that my fellow Wu fans)  No matter what type of scarf you’re working with, they’re guaranteed to have a tutorial on how to transform it over and over. Looking for more? They even show you how to take these simple knotting concepts even further, no matter the season. Like their new twist on an old idea by ditching the boring camera strap for something a bit more fashionable with a silk scarf. Want even more? You can download their free e-book, ALL TIED UP, to learn every dang scarf trick in the book. Staying bundled and beautiful without spending a dime? YES, PLEASE!

*Cover: Pinterest

2 responses to 40+ Ways To Tie A Scarf

    • diy2emc says:

      You’re too sweet. You’ve got a friend in me since I’m from Brenham Tx by way of Dallas! 🙂 Keep up the great work and welcome to the blogosphere!

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