It’s happened to all of us. You raise your hand in the sweet summer tank top or dress to wave yourself a cab or as a ‘hi-ya’ to a friend and then QUICKLY slam it down due to the “the jiggles”. Your arm has a now betrayed you with a never-ending wave, long after you’ve stopped the act that put it in motion. But dont fret kiddies! Summer is young still and you’ve still got time to whip those guns into to sexy sleeveless-ready shape! Women’s Health is a smorgasbord of awesome tricks and tips to get your arms (and everything else) in sexified condition and they’ve put it all in a neat & easy, go-to package making it easier for couch potatoes like us. So slap on some Lady Speed Stick and grab your BIG GIRL panties cause it’s officially GO TIME. Now you can bare those biceps with confidence, leaving the never ending waves to the water park and jiggles to the J-E-LL-O

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