Ditch The Path…


Its hard in life to venture out of your comfort zone. Trust me, I know. Its scary to try something new, even if its our biggest dream to accomplish. Putting your self out there means being vulnerable to the world, naked and exposed, raw to the point of emotional frostbite. All in the pursuit of something we swear in that moment isn’t worth all of this fear and anxiety. It’s too much, too fast, too hard. Sometimes that leads us into failure. Sometimes not. Other times it leads us into complacency. Or better still, a dream come true. But only if we TRY. Trying is the first step in a journey that defines us. Not only as individuals but as an intricate yet pivotal part of something much bigger. Which is a gift that should not be wasted. Ever. So forget the path of others and ditch the fear of vulnerability. Blaze your own trail….for regardless of the result, the journey was YOURS and will ALWAYS be worth it.      

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