Influenster’s Holiday Vox Box Reviews!


To know us here at DIY2EMC is to know one thing……we LOVE getting product submissions for review! Aside from the giddiness we get when receiving these gems in the mail, it allows us to try (and fall in love with!) products we previously didn’t even know about. Thanks to our friends at Influenster, this past holiday was no exception. Filled with all kinds of awesomeness, we’ve spent the beginning of 2013 testing, tasting and loving some amazing and totally affordable products found in our Holiday Vox Box. The incredible goodies include:

NYC NEW YORK COLOR’s Liquid Lipshine 

KISS NAILS’Nail Dress Polish Strips

QUAKER REAL MEDLEYS’ Peach Almond Oatmeal


EBOOST for Natural Energy.

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE’s Chocolate Facemask

and a A $25 off coupon for SOLE SOCIETY!

Stay tuned as we share our experiences and HONEST opinions of these new products and see which one’s are DIY2EMC approved and which one’s you can pass on. Some of these results just might surprise you!

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