Give Your Sweetie Some Homemade Sugar


As we’ve stated before, to truly impress your Valentine this year, reach beyond the traditional C.R.B.C.’s and instead make something from the heart. This little DIY ditty is the perfect blend of fun, color and sweetness and is guaranteed to please even the bitterest of sweet tooths! Wanna learn how to spread that ‘Love Day’ feeling long after the February calendar page as flipped? Then Let’s Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up, you’ll need the following ingredients for 4 different colored ‘cubes’: 


      – 2 cups granulated white sugar                    (1/2 cup per color)
      – 4 tsp egg white
      – gel food coloring
      – mini cookie cutters
      – parchment paper
      – cookie sheet
      – rolling pin


The first step is to pour the first 1/2 cup of sugar in a bowl and add a few drops of the first desired shade of food coloring. Because gel food coloring is super concentrated, start off with only a drop or two and whisk like crazy. The coloring should disperse, if not and you have a few hunks of food coloring and sugar that just wont whisk away, No Worries! That’s where the egg whites come in! Add in said egg whites at 1 teaspoon for each color and keep on mixing.

SugarCubes-3-Shaping1Once you add in the egg white, the sugar should undergo a dramatic change and those colored clumps will disappear. MAGICO! At this point, your sugar should resemble damp sand — the kind that rules for sand castle construction. On parchment paper, lay out the sugar and flatten it with the back of a spoon and a rolling pin to make a sheet about a quarter inch thick. It should be packed together tightly. If you find that your sugar is too crumbly, put it back in the bowl and add a drop of egg white until it’s more workable. Using your cookie cutter, cut out hearts and other shapes and lay on a separate cookie sheet.

When you’re all done cutting out the shapes, bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Then, let it sit overnight to harden. VOILA!!! Sweets for your sweeties and more color to light up their life. Now that’s spreading the love in the brightest way possible! 🙂

*Courtesy of our favorite blog. EVER.-> Brit&Co.

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