Don’t Go There….

urlIt goes without saying that life is hard. Harder than we’d like or could ever have imagined at times. No matter how perfect another’s life may seem, trust us, it’s not the bushel of roses it appears to be. In fact, sometimes where one person sees sweet-smelling petals, the reality is really a whole bunch of thorns. Everyone goes through struggle….Everyone. And unless you’re living in a vintage Disney movie, they never really seem to end. They DO however get easier – that is if you know how to handle they’re pending arrival properly. Remember when you thought your world would end because your first goldfish/dog/kitten/ferret/hamster/lizard died? That pain was unbearable but guess what? If you’re reading this, odds are you made it through. The same holds true for when your heart was broken for the first time, when your dream job went bye-bye, or when you had make a dollar outta fifteen cents. As crazy as it sounds adversity is a gift and the struggle that follows is, in part, a blessing. Its what shapes our lives and our character. It allows us a very real opportunity to see just how strong and inventive we truly are. If your heart breaks that means you’re capable of loving beyond just yourself. If you lost employment it didn’t mean you failed, just that it was time for a new experience elsewhere. And yes, even though that month of staying in every single night with a steady menu of bologna & cheese was boring as hell, you probably didn’t even realize how much you needed some downtime with your bff – YOU. (Let alone how much those old mustard, soy and ketchup packets from take-outs past could jazz up just about anything.) The truth is, Life is hard. At times it sucks. Sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s always worth living and you’re a strong, better person because of it. As each day passes, whether they be good or bad, knowing that there is a bigger purpose to it all makes it a little easier to manage. Seeing how far you’ve come afterwards makes the next challenge a little less scary. But knowing that no matter what, as long as you’ve got YOU and the know-how to get through anything are all the tools you need to make it through. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and from what we can see it’s already worked (and rather well) so far. So the next time ‘life’ kicks your butt, just imagine how much better it’s going to be after the adverse experience is over.            

*Cover:  RyJek

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