The High Society Cookie Dipper

FoodForThoughtWednesdayGermaphobes rejoice! Thanks to a killer Kickstarter campaign comes the answers to all your sandwich cookie dunking prayers. My dear kiddies, Meet THE DIPR – the ultimate dipping tool for your precious sandwich cookies. We know all of our OG dunkers out there are asking, “Who would need this carefree cookie holder?”. Well to start, those who love to dunk but hate the funk of grubby fingers in their milk. The Dipr makes that a nightmare of the past. How about the hardcore fans who are so invested in their crunchy cookie love they resent the soggy cookie sediment at the bottom of the glass? They shall never let that goodness go to waste again, thanks to The Dipr. And last but certainly not least, for those who like their cookie dipping experience to be a bit more refined, the uncivilized act of pawing your own cookie like a peasant will no longer be witnessed in horror as long as The Dipr is on site. With its light weight, simple instruction and a price point under $4 a pop, it practically pays for itself after the first batch of oreos have been dipped, sipped and inhaled. You can snag this cookie hook in various colors HERE. Is it necessary for survival? Not entirely but then again, neither was the slinky and we still love using that little number too. The real question is this: Given the prim and proper shape….do you grip with gusto or ‘pinky up’ when you dunk? To us, anything less than either would be uncivilized.

*Photo: BitRebels

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