Chalk Up An Old Mirror

TakeItHomeTuesdayThe coolest thing about items that you already have in your home is that regardless of what they are, there will always be a secondary use for them. ALWAYS. Case in point is our 10 year old cheap IKEA mirror. For years it was pitifully sitting in the guest room corner doing it’s best to look useful yet failing miserably. As was the random skinny sliver of empty wall in the dining room that never seemed to be wide enough to use. So we decided to introduce the two and what came next was pure note board magic! Ready to see how we did it? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? In addition to our mirror we also snagged some spray paint, clear sealantchalkboard paint, Ikea’s awesome wire basket and rod, a sponge brush, newspaper and some rubber gloves. First we laid out the mirror on the newspaper and with the gloves on, sprayed the trim of the frame a sexy new chrome-esque color. Once dry we covered it with the clear sealant. (Muy Importante. Otherwise the chrome paint likes to soak up oils in your hands and leave gray marks on your fingers when touched) Next we used the sponge brush on the mirror to slather on the chalkboard paint and when it was all dry as a bone, we then mounted it to the wall along with the rod and basket. BAM! The funky thin wall now has purpose, the mirror is now getting way more use as a note board than it ever did in the guest room and we’re finally organized when we make our grocery needs list. Could it be any easier to breathe new life into your home on the cheap? We think not.  

You can do this with any piece of framed something… whether it’s a busted bulletin board, scratched mirror, even an old window pane, anything you feel could use a new purpose in your home’s life. Learning to take a look at your home with a repurposing eye may take time, but not to worry. Once it clicks, the possibilities of transforming your home at little or no cost are positively endless.

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