Say Bye Bye To Tarantula Eyes

BeautyBlissThursdayWe’ve spent more money on lash combs that we’d care to admit and have repurposed every last safety pin in the house when we’d lost our lash comb (yet again.) All in the endless pursuit of natural looking lashes rather than an eye full of spider legs. EWWW. Yes, we know that they were all the rage last season and on every runway from Chloe and Lanvin to Valentino and Mui Mui’s during their ‘11 Fall campaigns. Personally, we think they’re a bit too “Tammy Faye’ for our liking which brings us to our helpful beauty tip. The EASIEST way to kissing those clumps goodbye is with a simple step of prevention. When you twist open your favorite mascara but before you’ve done your traditional set of 5-6 wand pumps in an effort to remove excess mascara, instead wipe your mascara wand on a tissue or even the back of your hand Every. Single. DAY. This minimizes the needless product buildup BEFORE it reaches your lashes and coats them with additional weight and clumpy product. Doing this daily means your lashes will look more Amber Heard than Tammy Faye, your eyes will be safer since you’re cleaning the brush daily and therefore the bacteria filled old product is not being pumped back into the tube. Cleaner Lashes, Safer Eyes, and one less step in our beauty routine. Could it get any prettier than that? Batting our beautiful lashes, we’d have to say no.

*Cover: The Beauty Department

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