Look At Things Differently…

Look At Things Differently…

Sometimes in life we can have the worst tunnel vision. We search high and low for ‘the best thing to ever happen to us” never realizing that more often than not, it was already there with us to begin with. Whether its something to excite us, or a person to love us, maybe a way to be entertained or inspired or a just something to break us out of our fuddy-duddy rut, it’s much easier to seek outwards rather than in. So take a moment today to remove the blinders and have a gander into a new perspective. You could reach out to an old friend for nothing more than to hear about their day, google a random word and see where the search takes you, take a new route on your way home or maybe even skip turning on the TV all together for tonight. The point is to mix it up and realize that subtle changes can have a huge impact, even if you don’t see it right away. Everything you could possibly ever need is right there with you, anywhere and everywhere you go. It’s you and your incredible, courageous, inventive and forever evolving spirit. Remember to tap into that from time to time and let it guide you into new ways to bring joy into your life.  Because at the end of the day, your happiness isn’t determined by another person, place or thing – it is and always has been determined by YOU.

*Cover: VicForPrez

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