What 200 Calories Really Looks Like

When it comes to eating smarter and healthier this year, we decided we really needed a bit of help. All lifestyle changes require more discipline than most of us are comfortable with and the frustration that follows is what often leads to failure. Armed with new ideas found last year on how to make our “foodie change” this year a bit easier to maintain (like a new take on smoothies, ways to drink more water deliciously, organizing our fridge, etc) we are ready to get our proper portion on and add it to the healthier living list. Most importantly, we’re NOT about to cut out ANY tastiness from our diets – just wanting a bit more perspective as to how calorie counts get so dang high.  Given we just showed you how to take your yummy goodness with you on the go thanks to our love of Masons, we thought it was high time we all knew what 200 calories really looks like! I, for one, was a bit surprised by some of these comparisons, not to mention how quickly they all added up.  Take a gander at these helpful comparisons and hopefully gain inspiration in a deliciously creative way!


*Cover: My Money Blog

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