The Beautiful Blogger Award!


Well ain’t THIS a glorious way to start the New Year! Thanks to the oh-so-lovely Preppy & Funny, who’s daily posts are like candy to me, (seriously, I’m obsessed with the overload of cute & sweetness!) I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I had no idea this award even existed so I’m SUPER stoked to have received it, let alone by someone who deserves it twice as much as I do!  Like a good GRIT should – It’s time to fulfill my 4 nominee duties! They are easy as pie and as follows:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you (CHECK!)

2. Post the award on your blog (CHECK!)

3. Share seven facts about yourself (CHECK!)

7 Things

4. Nominate seven bloggers and tell them you nominated them (CHECK!)

  1. When I found Knocked Up Fabulous, I instantly fell in love. Despite not being knocked up (currently), I do consider myself a bit more fabulous thanks to this stunning mom-2-two and her killer fashion sense. No moo-moos or sweatpants here, folks! This sexy mama shows you how to layer and accessorize with ease, making even a trip to the grocery in simple jeans & a tee an opportunity to look fabulously awesome. Runway looks with a real life approach – YES PLEASE!
  2. Yes, it’s true that Jean over at Wholey Jeans is absolutely lovely, but it’s her writing style that I find so beautiful. Her piece on the Bogeyman made me feel so much better as did her thoughts on ‘vagina talk’. To get that little bit of hilarity  check out her awards page and enjoy her recipient banter. I surely did!
  3. Ah, Lasesana. This Columbian beauty is a true renaissance woman. Whether you’re looking for intelligent takes on food, books, cycling and more….look no further than her blog. The best part? She’s got an entire section on ways to add more Spanish to your vocabulary. ¡Muy útil verdaderamente!
  4. Although Stéphane would be called handsome over beautiful, he’s been nominated in the beautiful blogger category all the same. One visit to My French Heaven and you can see why. When I need to whip up something truly spectacular, I pop on over to his site and instantly ‘oooooh lala’ over what’s on the menu. His incredible culinary skills are highlighted through his delicious photography of each project and all come with excellent instruction in both English & Français!
  5. I was first introduced to Nooreo and her Touch of Insanity when she left the loveliest comment on a post of mine written a while back. It truly made my week and to this day, is one of my most cherished comments, ever. While she explores life’s new opportunities, she thankfully captures each moment with an incredible perspective and awesome photos. I’ve nominated her before for the Inspired Blogger Award and because I love her tagline “DIFFERENT IS BEAUTIFUL”, it only seems fitting that she receive this award too!
  6. To say that I’m slightly obsessed with Raurasaur would be an understatement.  One of the best dang ‘everything and anything’ sites around,  the beauty is that whether it’s a food fix, book fix, life (or for me, personally, a geek fix) you can find it all with the wittiest banter ever.  I’ve learned so much about the blogsphere and more from being an avid follower and I highly encourage others to do the same. RAWR.
  7. And last but certainly not least, my fellow “soldier lover”, the beautiful Miss Jessie Homemaker. She’s tackling the world with positive creativity, all the while never forgetting to let her love (who’s currently on the other side of the world proudly serving our country) know exactly how much he’s missed! Aside from awesome DIY crafts, she has killer tips on sending amazing care packages and takes the guess work on how to ship homemade goodness with ease.

* BONUS: I’d also like to break the rules and nominate Honestly, b. but since she’d already aptly won the award, this might be a bit of a cheat. I’m a total honest abe and far from a cheater but it doesn’t mean I dont sincerely adore every single dang post of hers. So consider her being added to this list as a Bonus……and pop over to her site to reap the awesome rewards. Trust me, you’ll be stoked you did! 

If you aren’t currently following these killer additions to the blogosphere, you need to. Like NOW. But don’t just take our word for it. Hop on over to their amazing sites to why I found them particularly “beautiful” and totally award worthy! Thanks so much to each and every single blogger mentioned and wishing y’all the BEST year yet!


22 responses to The Beautiful Blogger Award!

  1. OMG you are so so sweet! I only read the first lines and thank you so much for the kind words! I’ll keep this page open to continue reading later.

  2. Aww.. these random facts about you are so so cute and I had so much fun reading them (well except reading about your fears of course – you shouldn’t be scared about the ocean.. :/)
    These bloggers that you nominated are very lucky because you described them soo well and they are indeed amazing! I’m following now! 😀

    • diy2emc says:

      2013 is all about getting over my ‘fears’ so hopefully by the end of it I can tick the ocean off the list! So happy you liked the nominees and a HUGE thank you for my nomination! SO GRATEFUL!

  3. aprilgia says:

    Ok…you totally got me blushing over here!! Thanks for the kind words, lady! And hearing about all these other stunning bloggers is a plus, too!!

    • diy2emc says:

      My Pleasure! I meant every word…..and can’t wait to see what fabulousness you come up with next!

  4. lasesana says:

    Muchas Gracias! Thank you so much for the award! I loved the facts about you… I come from a blended family, love scuba diving, and am not a fan of lamb- so we have a few things in common! I’m flattered that such a sophisticated blogger as yourself likes my little blog! Thanks again for the award and las lindas palabras!

    • diy2emc says:

      ¡Mi Placer! So excited to learn more about what we have in common, since pickling, being an “equal opporfoodist” and a lucky blended family member are already ticked off the list!

  5. Jean says:

    Hey! Thank you so very much! I am very honored to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I have some catching up to do, what with all the holiday writing I missed, but I will be posting about this in the near future!

    • diy2emc says:

      Can’t wait Jean! I’ve been doing the heinz dance myself (get it? catch-up? anyone? sigh….corny, I know) but can’t wait to see what 2013 brings at Wholey Jeans!

  6. rarasaur says:

    Except for #3, that could be my list! 🙂 I haven’t braved my fear of the ocean enough to try scuba diving! Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for your kind words and for passing it along to me!! *hugs* 🙂

  7. All the bloggers listed are fantastic, but you are my personal fav. Always bright, sunny, creative and honest. keep up the FAB work.

  8. honestly, b. says:

    Wow—thank you so much for adding me as a bonus! Your words are so kind 🙂 I absolutely love your 7 facts—they made me smile. Congrats on your nomination and keep up the great work!

    • diy2emc says:

      Thank you!! It was 100% my pleasure and thank you for all the awesomeness on your blog!

  9. Aww!! Thank you so much E!! I teared up reading that 🙂 You have such a kind spirit and I adore your blog! Thank you for making me smile today and for nominating my blog for this award!

    • diy2emc says:

      Thank YOU for all you do for your military man! Its an award that’s 100% deserved and I look forward to getting more care package inspiration from you in the year ahead! 🙂 BIG HUG!

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