Make Midnight Time For Boozy Ice Cream!

28989103048Whether its toasting the New Year or just a new movie on the queue, there is nothing quite like champagne. It’s bubbles take you to places that no other drink could and some how make even the trashiest ensemble look Parisian Chic just by being in your hand. So naturally it needs to be combined with ice cream! This is a brilliant twist on a parfait float and WAY more adult. Ready to get your bubbly delicious fun on? Then Let’s Do The DIY Thang, shall we! The layering directions are simple: 2 tbsp of raspberries, a tbsp of vanilla ice cream, 2 more tbsp of raspberries, a final tbs of vanilla ice cream and a heaping pour of Veuve. VOILA! Your super sexy, totally lovely, completely grown up ice cream float. Screaming expected, but not required.

*Cover: Damsel In Dior

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