Black Velvet, If You Please…..

black-velvetWhether there’s a slue of guests coming to your humble abode  this fine eve or you’re looking for fresh new ideas on how to repurpose your current cocktail content, here’s a little ditty that covers all the bases. It’s original, fun, tasty and most important, COMPLETELY unexpected . What we have here ladies & gents is the lovely BLACK VELVET and the recipe is simple = 3 oz of Guinness + 3 oz of Champagne + a champagne flute.  As the story goes, it was invented back in 1891 by a repurposing bartender at the Brooks Club in London. Although it was originally created as a commemorative drink for the sad passing of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. Thinking champagne was too ‘festive’ on it’s own, the inventive bartender combined it with a stout and VOILA, the Black Velvet was born. We were first introduced to this little number during a trip back home to Texas early 2012 during an impromptu girl’s night out at the local waterin’ hole. We were hesitant at first since we’re not really the Guinness type but we are, however, the adventurous type so we grabbed a glass anyway and haven’t regretted it since. Ready to make a Black Velvet that even Alannah Myles would croon to? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we?


To make the perfect Black Velvet, start with the Guinness first.  If you wish to have a dramatic presentation, pour the Champagne over the back of a spoon to prevent the layers from mixing too quickly. Eventually they’ll all blend beautifully together but the spoon trick helps to make the separation last a bit. This awesome drink appeals to men and women alike and due to its hearty rich color, could be used for Over The Hill themed birthdays, Halloween Parties and yes, even tonight as an original alternative to the traditional champagne toast! Happy Drinking kiddies and don’t forget to have a DD! 🙂


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