Tat Yourself Commitment Free

BeautyBlissThursdayLoving the look of ink is one of our guilty pleasures. The pain and commitment that comes with them, however, not so much. Yet try as we may, we just cant shake our love of cool tattoos and for the longest time we thought the only solution was a batch of temporary ones you’d see in grocery store vending machine. Rocking the same little mermaid as the screaming 6 year old in line behind us though is not a good look. Then along comes DIY-genuity and BAM! Our problems are solved and wishes fulfilled. Ready to Wear the Rocker Look but without the lifelong commitment? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First, grab your rockstar self the following supplies: Pencil, Scissors, Tracing Paper, Talcum Powder, Eyeliner, Makeup Brush, Ethyl Alcohol, cotton cosmetic pads, a wet cloth and the pièce de résistance – Waterproof Liquid Bandage Spray. Unless you’re a freehand genius, draw your design or word on the tracing paper first. Then cut around the image with the scissors and use an alcohol soaked cotton pad to scrub the area where you wish to put your new tat. Then place the trace paper drawing on to the same spot, pencil side down. Grab your wet cloth and press it against the paper, pushing it into the skin with force until the paper is also drenched. When you then remove the paper, you should have an outline of your design. Next, take your eyeliner and draw over the outline. What you see on your skin once finished will be your final product so scribble with care. Wait about 20 seconds, then sprinkle a bit of talcum powder on the design and spread it around with the brush, dusting off the extra if needed.   Once the area is nicely talc’d but not visually covered with powder, take the liquid bandage spray and spritz the entire area of the drawing. (TIP: Do not blot or blow dry. Let it dry completely on it’s own) After a minute or two it should be set and VOILA! Your new ink is ready to rock. Like with a real tattoo, it’s pretty sensitive so try your best not to rub it or cover it with an oil-based product. Provided you handle your new tat with care, it should last you about 3-4 days, barring any marathon running. And there you have it kiddies! All the look of a RockStar but without the lifelong commitment. Guess that also means stinky tour buses, trashed hotel rooms, black-rooted blonde arm candy and Keith Richard’s hangover cures are no longer necessary.

*Photo: Best of LI

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