Hold the Sugar & Hide Your Jewels in Style!

31340679677To know us is to love our endless quest to find the dual purpose in everything, even items that we’d gladly deem well enough alone. Take the beautiful sugar bowls and apothecary jars of mornings passed. Uniquely stunning yet visually fresh, these bowls would hold sugar with pizzazz and became an anchor of style in every kitchen counter. But when faced with a few more baubles than would fit in our Secret Book Compartment or Stenciled Necklace Holder, we were forced to yet again, get creative. Cue vintage sugar bowls we’d had sitting empty and collecting dust. These sugar bowls did the trick with sweet stylish ease. They’re deep enough to hold business cards, earrings, hair bands, and more yet wide enough to house even our thickest of cuffs. Using the stem of the lids as ring holders makes sure we can dress our piggies quickly before stepping out the door and puts our best pieces on subtle display. Now our accessory stash is tidy and clean and our dressers just got a bit more stylish in the process. Although their purpose is to now hold baubles rather than sugar cubes, we think the end result of such repurposing is just a sweet. To find these super sweet pieces, try your local goodwill or resale shops or even your grammy’s kitchen! You’re bound to snag a few at ridiculous prices, especially if they only cost you a hug from the grammy – that’s the gift that keeps on givin’!

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