My Gold Leaf Be Poppin’, My Mani Is Cool

With the close of 2012 comes a slue dance card punches and several cameo appearances you’ll need to make. If it hasn’t already, soon your FB profile will be slammed with invites to holiday parties, ugly sweater bashes, NYE birthdays, weddings, you name it. And with all the festivities you’ll want to keep those accessories fun, fresh and most important, BRIGHT. So what solves this holiday accessory dilemma? Why a killer mani, of course! So Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up, wash your hands. (muy importante) Then, grab a hot pop-of-color polishgold leaf sheetsclear top coat, nail file, scissors and a q-tip. (We mean this one but we highly suggest you bump this one during the process) WARNING: Gold Leaf Sheets are BEYOND delicate and tear & crumble easily so make sure your hands are bone dry before handling them. (also muy importante) Use the scissors to carefully cut triangles that are teeny enough to fit on 1/3 of your nail. Next, paint all of your nails. Wet one end of the q-tip and use it to pick up & apply your gold triangles on the corner tip of your nail. You’ll want to do this quickly, while the polish is a bit tacky so the leaf can stick. (TIP: If your polish is too dry for the leaf to stick, apply a thin layer clear coat and try again.) Smooth over the leaf with the dry end of the q-tip to remove any bubbles or crinkling. (TIP: If you move or chip off a piece of the leafing, NO WORRIES! The sheets are so thin you can just reapply over it and voila. Chip Crisis Averted.) Once your triangles are on and set, use the nail file to buff off any excess leaf hanging over the nail. Finish with a layer of clear top coat and BAM! You’re nails are now Funky Fresh, Dressed to Impress, Ready to Party. Now someone Pass the Courvoisier and lets take these babys out for a spin!

*Cover: The Beauty Department

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