Put Your Balls On The Table

31414113276Leave it to a couple of Product Design graduates from Stanford University to create a fun new way to bring more flavor to your meals as well as your tablescape. From the creative house, Flip and Tumble, this fresh take on traditional salt and pepper shakers simply rock our socks off. Made from silicon, these genius balls are filled with salt and pepper, making it little bit easier and a hell of a lot more fun to season your viand with style. Kinda takes the term “Pass The Salt” to a whole new level, doesn’t it? Whether you toss ‘em, roll ‘em or hacky-sac ‘em to your dining partner, remember kiddies, moderation is key. Public over-squeezing would result in a super salty dish not to mention an NC17 rating at the dinner table, neither of which would be Martha Stewart approved.


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