Put A Bird On It! And Your Necklaces Too….

feiefpWe’ve seen framed cork boards all over the place to redecorate your home and organize your jewelry, but this time we took it a step further and decided to make it a work of art all on it’s own, in addition to being an amazing necklace holder. Wanna see how we did it? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? First up, grab that crappy picture you found at a yard sale 2 years ago (or maybe that was just us), spray paintclear sealant, a stencil of choice (or free hand!), sharpie paint markers, and threaded pulley hooks.

First we took out the picture and spray painted it gold.

Then we took our awesome stencil and started the journey inspired by one of our favorite Portlandia episodes.

Tip: When using stencils that you’ll want to paint over, use a pencil. We got a little too excited with the sharpie and it bled through our paint a bit. If you dont mind the swirls in color however, then by all means use as you see below.

Once it was all dry, we used the threaded pulley hooks. Since we couldn’t find the ones we used before (seriously every place was sold out for some reason) we used the smaller version meant for jewelers and well, it worked out beautifully. Even if we had to use our pilars to pry them open a bit. But hey, that’s DIYgenuity! To make sure we placed the hooks in their proper place, we laid out the jewelry we wanted to display and marked our painting accordingly.

TAAADAAHH!! Awesome, no? The best part is that not only does our handy necklace holder look amazing with all of the lovely accessories adorning it, when they’re being worn on the next night out, our perfect piece will still look just as smashing with out them!

2 responses to Put A Bird On It! And Your Necklaces Too….

  1. Entice says:

    I used to hang all my jewelry on a cork-board! Not as lovely as this one you’ve created! Great idea!

    • diy2emc says:

      Thanks so much! If you decide to decorate your current cork
      boards, send a pic! I’d love to feature it 🙂

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