Change is Scary…Regret is Scarier.


With the coming of the new year comes personal reflection and more often than not, strong vows of change. Whether it’s the desire to work out more, stop dating a ‘certain type’, start an entirely new career or maybe it’s just to make more time for our loved ones, all are vowed with genuine intent. However, as each year proves, it’s not long before “IT” happens – LIFE. We soon get back to business as usual and the excuses to our resolutions begin. There’s no time, it’s too expensive, no one would be interested, it could fail and we convince ourselves that our plans aren’t possible. Our best intentions are now no more than a memory and the ‘maybe-next-time’ cycle continues. But what happens when what we intended to with ourselves or our loved ones is no longer an option? Turn on the news and you instantly have a reminder of  how precious our time on earth is, not to mention how that time can run out at a moments notice. Then what? All of the excuses no longer matter. They seem trivial and contrite. Your intended plans are no longer possible and instead what’s left is crippling regret. That and the desire to just have one more day to do what you intended. So make TODAY that day. The day where you follow through with your intentions, no matter how small. Because regardless of the outcome, the worst thing that could happen is the knowledge that you tried.  And no matter how scary a change can be, the ONLY thing scarier isn’t failure, it’s REGRET.

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