Got Something To Hide? BOOK IT!

30876626966Finding new ways to repurpose is as innate for us as breathing. In our minds, everything has a dual purpose. Every. Thing. So while out and about on a ‘hunting expedition’ at the local thrift store we came across a gem so amazing, so sultry, so blissfully perfect, we just HAD to snag it. What’s so sexy about a book you ask? Well dear kiddies, this isn’t just any book. It’s a GAME. We couldn’t believe our ‘luck’ when we stumbled upon such an incredible and surprising piece from one of the world’s most coveted lingerie brands, Agent Provocateur. (And in pristine condition, no less) It seems that in addition to all things lacy and racy, they also have items that stimulate the mind as well as the body. Delicately hidden behind the pages of instruction were a deck of cards and chips – all the items needed to play Strip Poker. There was also a small book filled with 4 short story perspectives of one night spent playing The Game. DE-LI-CIOUS.

As if this wasn’t gift enough, we loved the construction of the book and saw that it filled the criteria of what we were looking for in the first place – A unconventional accessories box. We popped out the piece that housed the chips & cards and VOILA! We had found our new secret compartment for accessories, cards or any other nightstand knick-knacks. And one that looks as lovely as it is functional – SCORE!

Placing the game pieces in an small silk lingerie bag we already owned (seemed highly appropriate) we then popped our goodies into their new home and placed our book onto the dresser. Now when we have company, our table face is clean and tidy, just like a good little girl’s room should be. While the secret stash of naughty goodies are tucked away, ready to be used when the moment is right, just like every grown woman’s room would be.

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