Re-Bling Your Bracelets

30048750342Our love of nail polish is undeniable (see evidence here and here and yes, even here) and now we’re taking our joy of revamping with it to a whole new level. If we can use China Glaze, Butter and Nars to bring the sexy back in our ear lobes couldn’t we add some flare to our wrists as well? The answer dear kiddies, is YES INDEEDY DO! Ready to put some boogie bo-jangle back in that old boring bangle? Then Lets DO The DIY Thang, shall we? First you’ll need some tunes, we chose this R&B throwback since we’re all about saving the Benjamin’s, baby. Now grab your bracelet and your desired shades of polish. (If you’re bracelet is stretchy like ours, a roll of masking tape works wonders as a holder)

We wanted a monochromatic look so we took each stone and painted them accordingly.

Depending on the opacity of your polish and the vibrancy of the bracelet you’re re-blinging, you may need more than one coat. (TIP: We dont recommend more than 3. The layers will flake with wear and there’s nothing says #EPICFAIL more than a DIY project gone wrong.) Once we’d finished re-bling’d our bracelet with a new monochromatic moody blue hue, it was time to let it dry completely. We decided not to finish it with a clear top coat because we preferred the matte look but if your polish has a chunky glitter or a thin glaze tone, we highly suggest finishing with a clear top coat. (TIP: There ARE Matte Clear Top Coats out there and suprisingly dont cost an arm an a leg to purchase either. We like this one by ELF.)

No matter what you chose it’s all about the saving the benjamin’s while still having some blingy-bling baby so what’s good for the nail is good for the rhinestone too. And remember kiddies, when it comes to DIY-genuity, there’s no such thing as too much.

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