Living The (Repurposed) Charmed Life

29564285560We’ve previously shown just how much you can dramatically change the look of a “special piece” in your jewelry box with nail polish. Tuesday’s post featured how to apply this very philosophy to non-jeweled items and as promised, we’re showing you how you can take this super simple revamping step even further. Ready to take your less than desirable pieces and turn them into repurposed perfection? Then Lets Do The DIY Thang, shall we? Regardless of your piece you’ll need a few basics: A desired shade of cordneedle nose pliersjump rings and, of course, your item to revamp and a charm of choice. We chose yellow to brighten up this awesome color combo.

The first step is to remove the earring hooks from the earring (if applicable). Then with the help of your needle nose pliers, add 2 jump connected rings to the piece.

Next take your charm and if it doesn’t already have a jump ring attached, go a head and add one to it’s base as well. Our charm came from another piece of broken jewelry so we’ve got double repurposing in this snazzy piece. Take the jump ring’d charm and attach it to the double jump ring’d earring. We used 3 jump rings rather than 2 is so that our charm would always face forward but your charm may be different so feel free to use your jump rings as you see fit!

Now it’s time to make this old earring officially a necklace! Grab your chord and after cutting it to your desired length, tie the ends together. Then put the-piece-formally-known-as-an-earring in the center of the tied chord, pulling the chord through and sliding the tied end through until tight. It should look like this after:

TAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAA! Your new repurposed piece is now the envy of your most coveted jewelry box items and all thanks to a super simple DIY extreme make over!  Now go rock that handmade beauty like it was going out of style! (and even if it does, no worries now you’ve got the mad skills to revamp it yet again with ease!)

2 responses to Living The (Repurposed) Charmed Life

    • diy2emc says:

      I get so many compliements on this little DIY ditty that it blows me away. Thank goodness for random pieces of charm bracelet disasters and DIYgenuity!

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