Behold The World’s Most Expensive Polish

BBTAlthough we dont splurge often (we are proud frugalistas, after all) when we do it’s almost always on one of two things – Food……and nail polish. Because the former is necessary for living and we need to live to bring you the amazingness that’s here on DIY2EMC, that one’s a given. Nail polish, however, is our secret shame in the world of paying retail. Given we use it for a plethora of DIY ditties, it seems to justify the full price purchase most of the the time. But spend MORE than 4x as much as what the average American makes a year on one just one bottle!?! No way, no how, no thanks. Yet still, we’re totally intrigued.

Created by a jewelry designer, AZATURE costs a whopping $250,000 for ONE. SINGLE. BOTTLE. The polish is so exclusive they’re only making one bottle, called Black Diamond. Why?  Well for the outrageous 250K price tag your little piggies can be painted with over 267 carats of real black diamonds. According to the designer, “the black diamond is the ultimate fine jewel. Its combination of beauty, mystery, and sophistication makes it a timeless luxury. One day I thought, ‘why not showcase this style on nails?’.” Apparently there are plenty of wealthy suitors of this uber-exclusive polish, one of which rocked the crushed rocks on her digits at the 2012 Emmy’s and even she had a hard time handling the pressure. Although we love the look of Azature’s Black Diamond, the price tag makes us weak in the knees and not from swoony romantic envy. Yes, they now have a more ‘cost friendly’ option for us ‘fiscally challenged’ folk, but even it’s $25 a pop.  We’ll stick with the more budget friendly version from Manic Panic, thank you. Just as pretty, spot on trendy, at $4 a pop there are plenty of bottles (and dollars!) to spare. It’s a full-priced purchase we can feel good about while still having a few funds left over to feed ourselves too.

*Cover: Birchbox

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